Thursday, June 19, 2008

On the town

Last Saturday we attended a party for a friend's son. He is also on the spectrum, although more mildly affected than our guys. He has just started talking, and it was great to hear him spouting out words all afternoon.

I'd say our family livened up the party: the only two instances of nudity were thanks to us (and one of those was J) Once he was dressed again, G. spent most of the time with the Leapfrog letters which were on the fridge (and the floor eventually).

For the first time I can remember, B. recognized a cake, and let us know he wanted some by saying "cake" very clearly. He also ate with a spoon (!) until my back was turned at which point he attacked a piece with his hands.
This is me trying to contain him as the cake is cut:

J. did a great job the whole time. The next day (Father's Day), J. and his dad bonded over Lego for hours. They built a Mars rover together, and played with it endlessly, like two peas in a pod.


KAL said...

There's nothing like being the life of the party ;0
Yay for cake!

Niksmom said...

"...the only two instances of nudity were thanks to us..." THAT made me snort my coffee!

Sounds like a grand time on the town!