Thursday, January 10, 2008

Trying some new things

We started with new ABA therapists last week, six hours per week for each boy. There's a clinic about fifteen minutes from our house which uses a Verbal Behavior approach, and had been recommended by some parents in our Meet-up Group. So far, B. ssems to love it, and G. is okay with it.

I was dreading the first few days, because I've seen a pattern where therapists have seemed to be angry with G., because they know he knows a lot, but he won't do anything for them. It drove me nuts both times, but I tolerated it, because things got better once G. got to know each therapist.

At this place, it's completely different. The therapist is so sympathetic to G. He tells me, "No one should be forcing him to do anything. Right now we'll just play together and earn his trust". Of course, this is how everyone should have approached G. I feel so much better about this man. G. has enough anxiety without pushy therapists trying to force him to perform. I don't even know if I think ABA is right for G., but at this clinic, I think they understand him.

I don't know if it has to do with the new clinic, but B. is down-right chatty, by his standards. He counts to ten, sings "Tinkle, tinkle, ya, ya, ya" and murmurs the alphabet under his breath. It's mostly for his own entertainment, but I'm fine with that.

One thing that's a definite improvement in our quality of life: we have zero therapists coming to our house and driving J. nuts with jealousy. I liked the ECI women, but I don't miss rushing home for thirty minutes of "developmental services". Now J. and I have two mornings a week to spend together, and I can see him relaxing and acting happier.

PS the picture above is J. wrestling with his cousin. They played together for four days straight over the holidays.


burgiboogie said...

That would be music to my ears! You want to actually get to know my kid?!! lol I hope this new clinic works out. It is so great to have a little time with J.

KAL said...

That's great! No therapist should be getting angry with our kids, I'm glad you're at a place where they are patient. Love the photo. Didn't they celebrate a birthday recently?

Mom without a manual said...

This clinic sounds great! You know a fit when you find it!

I hope you and J are able to enjoy your quality time!

Angela said...

Sounds like it is going well
Enjoy your time with your precious kids

kristen said...

New is good. Sometimes, even, better than old. Good luck with all of it!