Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Junk Food as the Ultimate Motivator

This evening, after a complete failure of an attempt at giving the twins dinner, I was sitting around, holding G. in my lap. He was being particularly "engaged", which was nice since lately he's been very self-contained.

Out of the blue, he looked up at me and said, "socks". Then he said, "shoes". Next he said,"car", so I was beginning to get the picture. Finally he did the sign he's made up for french fries and said "fries". Looking back on it now, maybe I should have popped him in the car and gotten him some fries, because that's the longest original speech he's ever made! On the other hand, he is starting to say "chicken....fries" whenever I put him in the car-seat, so I am trying to cut back on the drive-through stops.

In the last week, B. has said two new words(!): "goldfish" and "candy".


kristen said...

Wow! Wonderful news! I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving. (Love the photos, by the way.)

mcewen said...

Goldfish! I love him! Anyway, fries are a vegetable, potatoes I believe, but don't quote me. Bet you looked like a goldfish when he first said it! [me too!]