Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bring on the Echolalia

We went back for our six month check-up with our developmental pediatrician. The twins went together this time, which worked fine and saves a lot of driving and child-care scrambling.

The dr. hasn't given us her report, but she did say B. is about where G. was six months ago. I have to say that while I like the dr's manner, I don't put much stock in her assessments. B. and G. are so different, it really has no meaning to say that B. is where G. was at any given time. She also said that they are both at about 12 months in their fine motor skills. They are light years apart in their fine motor skills, as far as I can tell. I don't know if we'll bother going back again in six months. She also wants us to put both of them in intensive ABA programs.

I was feeling very ready to leave when G. gave me a pick-me-up. The social worker and I walked into the exam room together, when G's face lit up and he said "Hello" in a loud cheesy voice. The social worker was thrilled. Only my husband and I knew that he was being King Midas from a "Between the Lions" CD we have in the car. I almost shrugged it off at the time, because G. is constantly singing something from a movie or CD these days. Once I thought about it, though, I realized it was the first time he's said hello to me. Wow. I'll probably take this back someday, but right now, I'm loving echolalia.


kristen said...

Oh how wonderful! Hello, hello!! I know what you mean about the doctor and the generalizations that come from a 10 minute observation. I don't know why I still get so upset by stuff like that, but I do. I just wish, for once, a medical professional would take the time to listen to the parent and then reassure, rather than pontificate.

Oops. Sorry. I guess I'm projecting my own frustration on top of yours...but, the bottom line: I'm with ya.

(And hooray for Hello!!)

MOM-NOS said...

I'd be willing to bet that you won't take it back. Echolalia was a really important bridge between nonverbal communication and real conversation for Bud.

Hooray for G.!

burgiboogie said...

I stopped going to the dev. ped for that reason exactly. She looked at my kid for a few minutes, and gave an accessment, that ended up meaning nothing!

I have nooo problem with echolalia either! I will take it any day!

Mom without a manual said...

If we didn't have scripts I am not sure were we would be today. And a hello IS a hello when used in the right context!!! Yea for G!

Yea for both of them.

I agree. I know they are the ones with the MD behind their name but a 10 minute visit once (or twice) a year is not enough for me to set my hopes and dreams on what the developmental ped says.

We haven't gone back to ours in a couple of years.

Naw, echolalia is a huge milestone! Love it!

KAL said...

I'm loving echolalia right now myself! How great for G! That's pretty huge, even if it was (you think) an imitation. It sounds like you need a new dev. pediatrician -- I really dislike their b/w pronouncements.

Suzanne said...

There was a time when echolalia was all we had from our Downs boy. I took it gladly ! If our Autie starts up with it, I would be extremely happy!!