Saturday, August 4, 2007

Starting to Sing

B. has always loved to dance in front of the mirror. Lately, he has added in more vocalizations. It used to be a lot "Aaaaaah"s, but more and more it is strings of syllables that have the intonation of speech.

Yesterday, he was listening to a Signing Time CD (I'm embarassed to even mention Signing Time again, but it seems to have a magical power in our home), and started trying to sing along with a song...

Lay down on your bed,
Pull your blanket high.
Turn out the light.
Welcome the night.
Dream, dream,
Sweet dreams.

It's sung as a round, which I would think would be confusing, but it is the first time he has ever tried to sing along with a song! He has filled in final words, but that has such a different feel. Since then, I have overheard him trying to sing it a few times while looking at the mirror.

For so long, I felt I mostly had G's progress to blog about, and it feels so great to be writing this about B!


Mom without a manual said...

It is great to hear about B too! Good job B!!!!

Isn't it funny how every once in awhile you stumble on something magical for your kids. I say embrace the videos!!!

Niksmom said...

Wonderful! Way to go B! Yeah, I'm with MWAM...if it works, embrace it fully!

burgiboogie said...

I have always ment to thank you for mentioning Signing Time. It has been life changing around here. Cotton started watching them in May, and now has hundred's of signs, he is so proud of himself. It has also helped my 19 mo. old's language develop! We love it too, so I am glad you brought it up.

mcewen said...

Well we have to be even handed bloggy mummies!
But lucky old you. If I sing, hum or whistle I cause a storm!

KAL said...

That's terrific! I think I will try to introduce Signing Times to J.

WarriorMom said...

That's great news! I think music and singing have helped my son make a lot of progress with language skills. He sings entire songs, and I'm certain he doesn't know what they mean ("for amber waves of grame"), but it's great practice for speaking.