Saturday, June 23, 2007

Nice Little Moments

In ABA the other day, B. stacked one block on top of another. Just one, but that was a missing milestone that always stuck in my head, because it seemed so basic. He also picked up a bean off the table and dropped it in jar. These aren't things he's working on...his therapist helped him do them a few times, and then he did them himself. That is a big, big change.

More importantly, he seems to look at us a little more, and smile at us a little more, as the days go by.

G. is very into "hiding" these days. When I say "It's time for bed", he runs and hides behind some curtains. Then, If he manages to sneak his tiny penguins into bed with him, he bunches up a blanket and holds the penguins under it. To me, that shows some "theory of mind". He knows the penguins are there, but he thinks we won't. He's not at all subtle about the hiding, which is kind of cute.

J. has been coming out with comments like, "This is a fun morning", "This is a good breakfast!", etc. Maybe he's learning to butter me up, but hey, it works.


burgiboogie said...

It is all in the small steps:) I was so excited when Cotton started stacking blocks, to this day, I know how many he can stack. I think hiding is totally TOM, and too cute.

Mom without a manual said...

You know have to celebrate each milestone. What may seem small right now will build and build. Before you know it you will be saying, "Holy Cow, was it really only 6 months ago when he couldn't do that!"

I like to look back at my photo/video collection of most of our milestones to remind myself of how far we have come. It is a great boost when the motivation starts to decline.

By the way, the hiding thing is simply adorable!

KAL said...

Yay! These are all great things. And they will keep building on each other just like him stacking that block on the other.

Mom to Mr. Handsome said...

Sounds like both are making huge gains :o) I remember teaching Gabe using ABA how to do a shape soter toy. Most kids it comes almost instinctively, but for Gabe it didn't. Once he understood what we were showing him, he just took off with it. He still likes to play with his shape sorters in his room.

Stacking the block and putting something in a jar are huge! It's the first small steps we take that get us going where we need to go, without them, we would just be standing still.