Sunday, June 10, 2007

Another Sunday Morning

Once again, I took J. and B. to church with me. I alternate-- one week J. and G., the next week, J. and B. All three are in the same room, and while J. does great in Sunday School, the twins need extra attention, and there aren't enough teachers for both to be there at the same time.

Today a teacher came to get me about five minutes into the service with a very distraught B. I spent the morning with him, going between the playground, the infant room, and finally the toddler room for snack. The teacher in the toddler room (whom I really respect and like) said, "I think B. is okay in this class as long as you are here. G. is just a little farther along". So it looks as if I'll have to stay with B. when I take him to church. (Actually, I have ideas for other solutions, but we'll see what I can work out)

Now, he is really progressing lately. He'll walk holding my hand when we go to stores (sometimes). He recognizes some of the PEC symbols in our schedule, and I swear he said "Sleep" when I showed him the sleep picture today (!!) He says something like "teeth" and "brush" when he sees his tooth brush. This is fantastic for someone who recently took a month or two off from saying anything at all. But despite all this, he is not fitting into his Sunday school class. Church has been a haven for me so far, with a group of people who seemed happy to watch out for the twins and their unusual needs. I hope it will keep being such a place, but I can see that I need to enlist extra help. Maybe pay a teenager to stay in the room with B., and take him out to run when he needs it.

Another thing about B: a long time ago (maybe a year?), B used to get very excited when his big brother would run around and act silly. He would clap and jump and laugh. This morning I saw him smiling a little when my husband and J. were running around the house, screaming like banshees. Even G. joined the chase, so I took B's hand and started running after the others. He got the biggest grin on his face, and I'm sure I did, too.


Steve said...

Hopefully you won't have to pay anybody to help the kids at church...

Many high schools have "community service" requirements - check with the youth pastor to see if he would recommend kids who could meet their service hours and also be a good match for your kids.

Or, maybe a trade system with other parents of special needs kids?

Or maybe it's time to start a special needs ministry? Ask around - pastors, parents, etc. - and see if the seed has already been planted.

Mom to JBG said...

All of those are great ideas.

I will try talking to our minister (it's a small church, so there's only one).

I know our local high school does have community service requirements, so I'll look into that, too.