Tuesday, April 3, 2007

A few notes

Today I mentioned to the director of the nursery school which the twins are signed up for next year that they've gotten their new diagnosis. I was pleasantly surprised how well she took it. She said that they were willing to try and see how things work out. And everyone in the office chimed in with hopeful things they've heard about autism lately (this happens to me a lot these days)

J. and B. have a new game to play together. J. holds the hose, with a sprinkler attachment and waters the grass, and the deck and parts of the house. B. stands in the spray with a huge grin on his face, laughing out loud. J. is thrilled to be able to make B. smile. We aren't sure but we think we heard B say "wawa" for the first time.

G. is in a funny stage where he acts as if he's forgotten most of his signs. But he did use the sign for "mom" (in reference to his large toy duck, not to me, but we're getting closer) and he did kiss me two times in the last two days. He's kissed his toys before, but never me til now. I am going to assume that G. hasn't really forgotten all those other signs, because whenever I freak out about one of these stages, so far they have always passed.

I have GOT to download that browser that will let me load photos. We still have dial-up service which seems to be the internet equivalent of using carrier pigeons or the Pony Express, and the download says it will take three hours. I am going to start it downloading this evening, because I've got some great pictures.


Mom without a manual said...

I'm glad the nursery school is working with you!

It is fun to watch our kids interact, isn't it. Other families take that for granted but those of us with autism in the midst cherish each of those moments. In away, I think that is one of the blessings autism has brought to our life. It definitely brings about a different perspective!

Hang in there on the signs! Give him time to pass through the stage...it'll come together!

Mom to Mr. Handsome said...

It put such a huge smile on my face that the twins have so much fun together. They have each other, that is such wonderful gift for both. I am so glad that Gabe has Boo.

The kiss 'G' gave you brought back some very cherished memories I have of Gabe and the very beginings of him showing affection towards me and others. I don't know what holds them back or what takes so long, but when it happens it is wonderfully amazing.

Take care,